With the emergence of an increasing amount of tools and approaches, Bone Tissue Engineering has become an important research topic at the crossroad of bone metabolism and regenerative medicine. In this joined ECTS-TERMIS workshop, we will enlighten the latest development in bone tissue engineering. Professor Pamela Habibobivic and Dr David Browe (TBC) will discuss the engineering of instructive biomaterials and the use of decellularized scaffolds for use in tissue engineering, respectively. Professor Geert Carmeliet will introduce skeletal cell types and their fate and function in the context of bone healing and tissue engineering. Finally, Dr Greet Kerckhofs (TBC) will provide an overview of imaging modalities to screen and perform quality assessment of tissue engineered products. The combination of topics presented and distinguished speakers from the field promises this BTE workshop to be highly educational and interactive to members of the ECTS and TERMIS communities.




Friday 15 May 2020
Marseille Chanot, Marseille, France

Workshop Chair: Bram van der Eerden, Rotterdam, Netherlands



11:00-11:30Engineering instructive biomaterials for bone regenerationProf Pamela Habibovic
Maastricht University, the Netherlands
11:30-12:00Decellularized extracellular matrix scaffolds and biofabrication strategies for bone tissue engineering.Dr David Browe
Trinity University Dublin, Ireland
To be confirmed
Stem cells and function
12:00-12:30Fate and function of skeletal cells during bone healing or tissue engineeringProf Geert Carmeliet
Leuven University, Belgium
12:30-13:00Quantitative 3D imaging as first line screening and quality control tool of tissue engineered products: an overviewProf Greet Kerckhofs,
UC Louvain, Belgium
To be confirmed

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