The SFBTM is the French National society for researchers, engineers, technicians and students working around the study of mineralised tissues. Its mission is to promote and develop scientific exchanges between academics, industry and clinics working in the field.  The SFBTM organises an annual meeting to allow new investigators to present their work. 

For the French edition of ECTS 2020, originally scheduled to be held in Marseille, the ECTS and SFBTM are collaborating to provide a basic science Expert Forum on various topics of interest.  All sessions will be pre-recorded and made available approximately one week before the Live Q&A.

The Live Q&A is scheduled on 1 October 2020.


Thursday 1 October 2020 – Online Session

Pre-recorded Sessions: now available on the ECTS Education Resource Center
Live Q&A: Session 1-2  at 12:10-12:30 and Session 3-5 at 15:00 – 15:30 CEST

SFBTM French National Day Session Leader : Martine Cohen-Solal (Hospital Lariboisiere and university Paris-Diderot)


Pre-recorded presentations:

All presentations have been pre-recorded and are now available to registered delegates through the ECTS Education Resource Center.



Martine Cohen-Solal (Hospital Lariboisiere and university Paris-Diderot): Welcome & Introductions

Claudine Blin (LP2M, Université Côte d’Azur, France): Presentation of the SFBTM




Session 1 – Non Mammalian Calcification

Chairs: Sylvie Tambutté, Antonella Forlino

Joël Gautron (BOA, INRA, France): “Avian eggshell: a model of calcium carbonate biomineralization.”

Jorune Sakalauskaite (Biogeosciences, Université de Bourgogne, France): “Shell Palaeoproteomics- biomolecular characterization of fossil proteins in archaeological shells.”

Laura Capasso (Monaco Scientific Center, Monaco): “Biomineralisation in reef-building corals: the characterisation of proton transporters.”


Session 2 – Osteoarticular Physiopathology

Chairs: Gudrun Stenbeck, Kent Søe

Olivier Peyruchaud (Lyos, Lyon, France): “Osteoclast-derived autotaxin controls inflammation-induced bone loss.” 

Claire Lozano* (IRMB, Université de Montpellier, France): “miR-342-3p promotes osteoclastogenesis by enhancing the survival and motility of OC precursors.”

Johan Sergeraert, (BIOS, Université Reims- Champagne Ardenne, France): “Cystic fibrosis related bone disease: RANK/M-CSFR overexpression on blood monocytes surface suggests new tracks of understanding.”


Live Q&A for Session 1 & 2: Thursday 1 October 12:10 – 12:30 CEST


Session 3 – Development and Ageing

Chairs: Jan Tuckermann, Christophe Chauveau

Catherine Chaussain (Université de Paris, France): “How orofacial tissues reflect rare skeletal disorders?”

Julia Frangi* (RMES, Université de Nantes, France): “PiT2/Slc20a2: a new regulator of the bone marrow adipose tissue homeostasis?”

Zohra Bouchemla (BIOSCAR, Université Paris Diderot, France): “Endogenous Lin28a protects osteoarthritic cartilage breakdown through HMGA2 expression.”


Session 4 – Cancer and Osteoimmunology

Chairs: Hanna Taipaleenmaki, Florence Apparailly-

Anne Blangy (CRBM, CNRS, Université de Montpellier, France):  “The amazing cytoskeleton of the osteoclast as a therapeutic target to prevent pathological bone loss.” 

Maria-Bernadette Madel* (LP2M, Université Côte d’Azur, France): “Diversity in inflammatory osteoclasts contributes to the modulation of their inflammatory effect and resorption function.”

Souvik Das* (MP3CV, Université de Picardie Jules Verne, France): “The CaSR in breast cancer and bone metastasis: a new dawn for calcilytics?”


Session 5 – Regenerative Medicine and Biomaterials

Chairs: Bram Van der Eerden,  Eric Hay

Catherine Le Visage (RMES, Université de Nantes, France): “Stem cells and biomaterials for the regenerative medicine of joints: a paradigm shift in skeleton surgery.”

Joanna Babilotte* (Biotis, Université de Bordeaux, France): “Development of a poly(lactic-co-glycolic) acid – hydroxyapatite 3D-printed scaffolds for bone tissue engineering.”

Indira Toillon* (CRSA, Sorbonne Université, Paris, France): “Regulation of osteochondral remodeling by hypertrophic chondrocyte-derived factors during osteoarthritis.”


Live Q&A for Session 3-5: Thursday 1 October 15:00 – 15:30 CEST