Since 2016, ECTS has successfully run as part of our Annual Congress Programme, a specific East-meets-West Programme where experts from Europe, USA, Japan, China and Korea discuss latest advances and controversies in research and clinical practice in the bone field.

Join the East-Meets-West experts during “The Dysmobility Syndrome” session.


Pre-Recorded Presentations:

  • Welcome & Introductions – Speaker: Salvatore Minisola (Roma, Italy)
  • Muscle, mobility and fracture: A nation-wide study in China – Speaker: Weibo Xia (Beijing, China)
  • Muscle, mobility and fracture: U.S. studies – Speaker: Steve Cummings (San Francisco, United States)
  • Bone microarchitecture, nutrition and fractures: The Gerico study – Speaker: Emmanuel Biver (Geneva, Switzerland)


Live & Interactive Session on 13 November 2020 14:00-15:00 CET

Discussion and future plans for developing further themes, Q&A
Speaker: Salvatore Minisola (Roma, Italy)
Speaker: Yong-Chan Ha (Seoul, Korea, Republic of)
Speaker: Seiji Fukumoto (Tokushima, Japan)
Speaker: Kim Bom Taeck (Korea, Republic of)