Basic Science Update 1 – Biology, Bone as Partaker of Integrated Biology and Pathophysiology

Pre-Recorded Presentations

Bone as regulator of energy homeostasis – Speaker: Nicolas Bonnet (Geneva, Switzerland)
Systemic control of cancer and metastasis by the skeleton – Speaker: Sylvain Provot (Paris, France)
Novel roles of RANKL in bone biology and beyond – Speaker: Cristina Sobacchi (Rozzano, Italy)

Live Q&A TBC


Basic Science Update 2 – Technology, Bone Analysis at the Single-Cell Resolution

Single cell sequencing of the endosteal bone compartment – Speaker: Peter Croucher (Darlinghurst, Australia)
Single-cell proteomics by CyTOF – Speaker: Nicolas Severe (Boston, United States)
East meets West talk: Integrative analyses of genome-wide data – Speaker: Yuuki Imai (Toon, Japan)
Imaging of bone tissue at the single-cell resolution by confocal microscopy – Speaker: Noriaki Ono (Ann Arbor, USA)

Live Q&A TBC